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Mixed used project ‘Hightown’ 30% sold out: Silverglades Director


Realty developer Silverglades launched its mixed used project ‘Hightown’ at Rs 14,900 per sq foot and till recently the company was offering some discount which are now been taken off, said Anubhav Jain, Director, Silverglades. Speaking exclusively to R&M TV, Jain said after discounts being taken off, the price now is again Rs 14,900 per sq foot. Jain informed that right now only two towers were launched, out of which around 30% of the inventory is sold out. Jain said most of the units were sold post lockdown. “We launched in November just a couple of months before lockdown ago and even though there was a Covid, we felt there was a big pent-up demand for this type of product in this location. And so we’ve been very fortunate that the market responded very well”, said Jain.

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