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🚨 The Lost Symbol ( SkyDome Atlantis )


🚨 The Lost Symbol ( SkyDome Atlantis )

I think Capitol Hill Apotheosis Dome could be a replica for SkyDome Atlantis bc in trailer they state Portal is in Capital Hill with Apollo Laurel Leaf the key to open portal to which shows the word Vitriol which means Sulfur (Satan / The Pit). The Pit being up; thus think of a Pit on top of an Apple 🍎; as earth is shaped like an apple w/ it’s Toroidal Field and we being the apple of God’s eye. Apollyon being nested in the sides of the North’ which is up under Polars the North Star Yahuah’s Throne Room. CERN opened the Key to the Abyss; having collected Aether via Outer Darkness and dispersed it via BlackGoo Chemtrail Gateway Portals (Prometheus) birthing in the Anti-Christ Spirit and Squadron of Demons from above. The 88’s Collisions of Dimensions.

Again, I sense the Pit is up 🆙 ⬆️ (All is inverted); like the Pit of an 🍎 whereas earth is shaped like an apple; with Yahuah’s Natural Earth Frequency creating barrier to outer darkness like a Toroidal field; as we all have the Golden Phi within us all. I sense Satan may be building his above ground race at SkyDome Atlantis. Apollyon being nested in the sides of the North; under Polaris the North Star God’s Throne Room. I believe CERN is the Key to the Abyss; with the smoke coming from the pit being chemtrails as they collected Aether from CERN and dispersed it via Blackgoo / Dark Matter Chemtrail Gateway Portals to Outer Darkness pulling in that other dimension behind the veil; outer darkness. The 88’s collisions of dimensions; another reference to the two becoming the one. This is where the Locusts and Squadrons of demons will be coming from I sense; thus in the heavens above.

I also believe there is a three prong attack we are witnessing:

  1. The Birthing of the Anti-Christ Spirit; hence the Black Matter raining down on us from Chemtrail Gateway Portals to Outer Darkness as shown in Prometheus.
  2. Satan’s Targeted Individual Program looking to lock onto our brain signature hence ringing in people ears.
  3. Their looking to impregnate us w/ their BlackBlood MindVirus via the Jab / Medical Device; assimilating folks into Satan’s Live AI One Hive Mind. Jab will also be responsible for Zombie Apocalypse getting everyone else on board to take jab.

All attacks are targeting the Pineal Gland / Heart; where Yahuah’s dwells; hence the dark matter (Birthing of Anti-Christ Spirit) mind virus is influencing the Bad “U” to take out the Good “U”; influencing the two to become one; unless grounded in Christ. Satan is seeking to devour your spark of life; while looking to win your favor via this 3 prong attack; unless we are again grounded in Christ. Keep in mind the Dark Matter / BlackGoo / Aether feeds off SIN which lowers ones vibration making one more accessible to Satan’s Psychotronic Weapons Systems and Dark Matter that is raining down us from the opening of Chemtrail Gateway Portals to outer-darkness. I was a TI until I tried my hardest to hold back on sinning, asking Yeshua to renew my heart thoughts and mind on a regular basis; while asking him to restore my spirit daily. This while also asking Yeshua to return all attacks back to the sender 100 fold in Yeshua’s mighty name.

Please do not take my word for anything above; rather take info to Yeshua for a confirmation and test the spirit. If felt led pls. share the information.

Scriptures and Hopi Prophecy Supporting Sky Dome Atlantis (a City atop the Dome):

Hopi Prophecy:

9th and Final Sign

Obadiah 1:4
Genesis 4:11
Isaiah 14 12-15
Psalm 139:8
Isaiah 14:12
Jeremiah 49:16
Amos 9:2
Jeremiah 5 15-17 (Squadron of Demons pouring in Earthly Realm; via Chemtrail Gateway Portals)

🚨Why I named it SkyDome Atlantis! (“Piloted By the Holy Spirit!”); Must Watch!

Odysee SkyDome Atlantis Acct:

🚨 The Satanic Vipers plans for Zombie 🧟‍♂️ Apocalypse! (An absolute must watch!!!)

BitChute Demon Hunters Acct:

🚨 SkyDome Atlantis Revealed (Satan’s Live AI Augmented Virtual Realty Smart Dust Confinement Dome)

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